Our Vision

COMBiNATi believes that cancer will someday become a manageable chronic condition, instead of a deadly disease. With high throughput sequencing tools, it has become easier than ever to detect cancer early on. Using innovative strategies, growing numbers of targeted therapeutics have already been put into the development pipeline. However, for any chronic disease, successful monitoring of treatment efficacy and recurrence hinges on the timely and accurate quantification of disease-relevant biomarkers. COMBiNATi can become the leader in cancer recurrence monitoring by enabling patients and clinicians to have |confidence| when it comes to keeping an eye on cancer.

Our Values


Winning mentality


If it was easy, it would be done already


Bring out the |best| in each other


Rapid adaptation based on facts and data


Awareness of customer needs


Patient centered solutions


Notable Events:

August 2016

Incorporation of COMBiNATi

October 2016

COMBiNATi receives Thermo Innovation Award

December 2016

First COMBiNATi patent granted

February 2018

COMBiNATi receives SLAS Innovation Award

March 2018

COMBiNATi receives Phase 1 SBIR Grant from National Cancer Institute

August 2018

COMBiNATi receives Phase 2 SBIR Grant from National Institute of Health Office of Directors

April 2019

COMBiNATi selected as Semifinalist in AACC's 2019 Disruptive Technology Competition