Our Team


Paul Hung, Ph. D.

CEO, Co-Founder

As a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of bringing innovative microfluidic technologies from lab to marketplace, Paul thrives to combine startup’s agility and passion with large corporate's strategy and structure to deliver on COMBiNATi's vision/mission to impact life science research and ultimately patient care.

Megan Dueck, Ph.D.

Applications, Co-Founder

Throughout her PhD at UCSD and her time as a lecturer at UC Berkeley, Megan has gained 10+ years of experience working at the interface of microfluidics and molecular diagnostics. Megan was early to appreciate the power of digital PCR and truly believes it will overtake all other technologies for targeted nucleic acid quantification. Her research experience combined with her love of communicating science makes her a powerful asset to the COMBiNATi team.

Andrew Zayac

Engineering, Co-Founder

Having worked at startups and large companies in life science markets, Andrew has broad development and engineering background including biology, design, microfluidics, optics, pneumatics, mechanical systems, and user experience. His agility lets him contribute across the board so that the team as a whole can deliver products that just work.

Robert Lin, Ph.D.


Robert has a background in biochemistry as well microfluidics. After completing his postdoc at UC Berkeley, Robert worked at Cepheid with responsibilities ranging from platform-level R&D to high volume consumables manufacturing. Currently, Robert is leading the effort to translate Combinati's unique microfluidic array technology into a user friendly consumable.

Adam Langston


Adam considers himself a customer advocate above all else. With a decade of experience in life science equipment and reagent sales and marketing, he understands researchers’ needs both in terms of how and why scientists acquire new technologies. He is excited to share and support COMBiNATi’s innovative solutions with investigators all over the world.

Steve Gallagher


Steve has a wealth of experience developing world class software at three successful biotech instrument startups: Molecular Devices, Caliper and ProteinSimple. His ability to create instrument software that scientists enjoy using will make Combinati equally successful.

Jim Kenemuth


Jim brings decades of experience building cloud-based, desktop, & embedded system software to COMBiNATi, with a passion for delivering products that "just work," are a delight to use, and can enhance people's lives.

Lingxia Jiang, M.S.

Assay Development

Lingxia is an accomplished scientist with a broad background in molecular biology, microbiology and genomics. She has extensive work experience in large industry, and collaborates efficiently with diverse groups and multifunctional teams. Lingxia is excited to expand COMBiNATi’s assay division by building on her expertise in assay design, development, and commercialization.



Koan is laser focused on the team’s security while they pursue their important work. His consistent record in tail chasing, bone hiding, and guest greeting ensures the office remains a positive and productive environment. Koan is also a huge fan of dog adoption/rescue. Click on his image for more information.