Who we are

Co-Founder, CEO

I want to take the best aspects of large company strategy and structure and combine it with the most powerful tools of a startup - agility and passion - to bring a practical platform to doctors and researchers.

Co-Founder, Applications

Advancing biotech hardware technologies increases the resolution with which we can view and assess the biological world. I am thrilled to be part of the COMBiNATi team, because I know the hardware we are developing will improve our biological lens, making direct impacts on research discoveries and patient outcomes.

Co-Founder, Instrument

I work for COMBiNATi because I want my grandmother to be proud of what I am building.


COMBiNATi is developing a game changing instrument with software challenges I am excited to work on. I want the software to be as easy to use as the instrument.


I am excited to help to bring COMBiNATi's revolutionary platform to market leveraging my background in both cutting edge research and management of high volume consumables.


I'm always excited to share new technologies with the world--especially those that enable groundbreaking science. I am thrilled to leverage my experience in capital equipment and reagent sales in bringing COMBiNATi's innovations to the scientific market.


COMBiNATi is a wonderful opportunity to create & apply technology that can make a profound difference for people surviving & living with cancer.


I joined COMBiNATi because I like the environment and the team. I am excited to expand our assay portfolio building on my experience in assay design, development, and commercialization.


When not chasing my own tail, I am laser-focused on keeping the team safe and happy while they pursue their important work.

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